Saturday, 5 May 2012


So our first produce that will be up for sale is Asparagus, we are hoping to get some included in our CSA shares, but the harvest might fall before CSA deliveries, so to guarantee some awesome goodness that asparagus adds to caesars, a soup, or just by itself as a side dish, place your order with us over e-mail or on the phone!

-$4.50/lb for ecologically grown asparagus
-harvest ready approximately May 15 for about 5 weeks

Delivered into Winnipeg weekly to drop off points (contact for details).

You can freeze, dehydrate, or pickle your asparagus, so don't be shy to order lots while fresh to preserve for later in the year (we have lots!).

Our growing Asparagus!

Friday, 4 May 2012

Farm Update

Sorry for the long delay, we've been super busy trying to get a head-start on the season, and everyday we feel jobs are piling up, hopefully in the next few days we'll be close to being caught up!

But we're both out at Bob and Betty's farm now, the greenhouse is up and the seedlings are started.  The spinach, radishes, beets, garlic, onions, and lettuce mix are all in the ground and growing, the brassicas (broccoli, kale, cabbage, pac choi) are up next to be transplanted from trays to the ground.  We had some nutrient problems with a few things, but got them fixed up with a dose of compost tea, and bloodmeal!

We're trying to get a new piece of land opened up and amended, and deer proofed!  We've put in onions, garlic, and peas in because they are light feeders.  We're going to plant some grains and a green manure cover crop in, mostly for our new arrivals on the farm...chicks and ducklings!

Our greenhouse brooder, we walled up under the starting tables and put in some heat lamps, seems to be doing the trick.  All little guys are happy so far after 4 days.

Ash and her new little babies on the ride home!

We have 50 broiler cornish giant chicks, and 24 ducklings, we're getting another 25 black sex links in about 2 weeks!  And another 50 brown layers in June, so egg production will start up in mid June, and proceed through the winter!

We're getting some hired hands and some excited visitors on Sunday, Mum and Dad haha, not sure how much they're going to be hired for, room and board hopefully!  And Lindsey and Crystal the nieces, and all their friends are coming to see the baby birds, I don't think the kids will make the connection to the dinner table come the summer and fall!

Well its getting late for us, so until next time, happy growing and good eating!