Tuesday, 31 January 2012



So we're a year in now, and its been quite the adventure, we're currently planning our gardens and getting ready to move to our new farm home at Interlake Meadows Farm (IMF) where we will be growing about 4 acres of veggies and fruit.  Adam and Dacia (IMF) already have a fruit Upick on farm, and raise grass finished beef.  We will jointly be raising broiler chickens, and laying hens for eggs.  We are very excited for the up coming year, and will be a step forward for Ashley and I's farming dream.  We will be vending at Osbourne, River Heights, and Arnes Farmers Markets, and will be supplying 75 CSA shares.  We are also trying out a declining balance Market Card system for the less frequent veggie eater.  Anyways, check out the rest of the blog for more info, email us, or check out the facebook page, or follow us on twitter for daily musings from the farm!

Hi we're a couple (Curtis and Ashley) beginning our farming dream, currently we are in planning mode, but we can tell you we are supplying food through a CSA in Winnipeg, and many farmers' markets in the city and throughout the Interlake.  We are also converting land at Curtis' parents family farm into our own future little piece of heaven.  There will be plenty more info and updates coming, but in the mean time if you want contact us, the easiest way would be at foodethosfarm@gmail.com or on our facebook page www.facebook.com/pages/Food-Ethos-Farm Thanks for all your interest!