Monday, 25 February 2013

Food e. Farm Feature

So maybe you have noticed, whoever "you" might be, who am I kidding there are no real followers of the blog yet, so no "you" haven't noticed the new gadget next to the posts, but for any of you wondering its one of those hipster twitter things.  You know the website that lets you make your own newpaper looking bloglike pages.  So I decided it would be a great way to help get out all the ideas bouncing around in our heads, and all the exciting events happening in the agricultural and food industries.

The paper highlights issues around organic and sustainable agriculture and farming practices, along with homesteading ideas and stories around peak oil, renewable energy, the dangers of GMOs and pesticides, as well as trending issues on twitter on all these topics.  There are photos, links, and videos supporting all the stories and help get you to where the information is.

Here's the link Food e. Farm Feature , check it out, share it, subscribe it, show it to your friends, there's lots of good info flowing so check it often!

Oh by the way, we're getting lots of our seed orders in, and I will be starting the seed propagation table tomorrow hopefully, the next project (after some seeds are started) will be the solar collector to heat the greenhouse!  I'll post some picks of the progress!