Chickens & Eggs


(Subject:Chicken order)
We are taking orders on our free range pastured chickens.
  • $4.00/lb - Cornish Crosses
  • $4.25/lb - Berg's Grazers
  • 4-6lbs dressed weight (can include gibblets)
  • Availability from June-until supplies last

All of our birds are seasonally free ranged, this means our meat birds are brooded within protection, as they are very susceptible to the elements and need shelter.  When they are about 3 weeks old they are allowed out on nutritious and delicious green grass which they immediately take a shining to.  They are soon outdoors 24/7 with temporary shelters to sleep in.

Their diet consists of 25% pasture greens and 75% locally sourced grains, with as much organic content as possible.  We exclude GMO grains in our feeds, as well as antibiotics and growth hormones.  We provide probiotics and access garden greens for increased health and nourishment.

Farm fresh chickens are tremendously better in quality, both nutritiously and safety than store bought chickens, and just can't be compared in flavour!


We are currently offering a 6 month egg share that will roll into a full year share.
  • Half share = 1 dozen every 2 weeks
  • Regular share = 1 dozen every week
  • Family share = 2 dozen every week
The prices work out to $4.50/dozen, we have on farm pick up, and delivery to pickup locations in Winnipeg. SPOTS ARE LIMITED so sign up soon!  Check out the order form for details.

Our laying hens are free ranged as well, and the feed is the same, the ingredient amounts are just slightly altered.  Our eggs are more rich, healthier, and fresher than store bought; eggs from the store can be up almost a year old before they reach your fridge!


  1. I'm guessing you mean a week old, not a year seeing as how eggs are only good for a month in the fridge.

  2. I've kept eggs in my fridge for 3 months past the best before date, and they were fine. There was a 20/20 expose that showed some US eggs were as much as 6 months old and still being sold. Ever wonder why some boiled eggs are easier to peel than others? It's because as the eggs age they begin to shrink away from the shell; the older the egg the easier to peel once boiled. The whole reason people are starting to buy direct from local farmers is that we really do not know anything about our store bought foods.

    1. I found and watched the expose on the internet, but don't recall mention of eggs being 6 months old and still being sold. It was mostly about unsanitary conditions and cruelty to the chickens. If there is anything to prove there could be 6 month old eggs in the stores, I really want to find it.

  3. Eggs have a natural layer of bacteria on them called "the bloom". The bloom protects the eggs, but store eggs have the bloom washed off, which allows bacteria to get into the egg and makes it go bad faster.
    Eggs that don't have the bloom washed off can safely sit on a cupboard for months and still stay fresh :)